BCGSuite for MFC v31.1

Improves Chart control, Task Pane and Toolbox.
February 04, 2021 - 16:10
New Version


  • Added auto-hidden scrollbars for visual containers and controls.
  • Tasks Pane and Toolbox
    • Added the ability to show/hide specific toolbox buttons and pages. The following new methods were added:
      • CBCGPToolBoxButton::SetVisible.
      • CBCGPToolBoxButton::IsVisible.
      • CBCGPToolBoxPage::SetVisible (extended toolbox only).
      • CBCGPToolBoxPage::IsVisible.
    • Improved toolbox items layout: the buttons don't disappear now when the toolbox is narrow.
  • Chart Control
    • BCGPChartMarkerOptions: added new marker shape MS_CROSS.
    • CBCGPChartHistogramSeries: added a new method SetSizePercent which allows you to specify a histogram column width.
    • CBCGPChartLongSeries: added a new method SetOrderedXValues which allows you to specify whether data points are not ordered by X axis. By default, the data points are ordered.
    • CBCGPChartDiagram3D: added a new method SetWallsColor which allows you to specify 3D chart's wall base color.
    • Added the ability to change 3D chart perspective using the mouse wheel: added new method CBCGPChartDiagram3D::EnableChangePerspectiveByMouseWheel which allows you to enable/disable this feature.
  • Controls
    • CBCGPListBox: improved multiple selection appearance when user selects items by mouse.
    • CBCGPStatic: Added Caption mode. Call new method CBCGPStatic::SetCaptionMode to enable/disable this mode for specific static control.
  • MSAA and CodedUI Tests
    • Improved accessibility names for all gauge controls.
    • CBCGPToolbarLabel now has a correct accessibility role.
  • Miscellaneous
    • CBCGPDrawManager::GetContrastColor: added a new optional parameter "dblRatio" (default value is 0.0). If this parameter is between 0 and 1, the returned color will be multiplied to this value.
    • CBCGPToolBarImages: Load and LoadStr methods have a new, optional parameter lpszResType which specifies the resource type to be loaded. If this parameter is NULL (default), the first matched resource type will be used.
    • CBCGPBaseVisualCtrl: added new static method CloseActivePopup - closes active popup (created by CBCGPBaseVisualCtrl::CreatePopup) visual control.
    • CBCGPGraphicsManager: added native MFC serialization (using CArchive) for the following classes:
      • CBCGPColor.
      • CBCGPBrush.
      • CBCGPStrokeStyle.
      • CBCGPTextFormat.
    • Dialogs and forms: improved info tips drawing performance when the dialog layout is being changed.
  • Examples and Samples
    • BCGPChartExample: added 3D chart perspective using the mouse wheel demonstration.
    • BCGPDigitalDashboard: added auto-hide scroll bars in visual container demonstration.
    • ToolBoxDemo: added demonstration how to show/hide specific toolbox buttons and pages.
    • WinUITilesDemo: added auto-hide scroll bars in WinUI Tiles control demonstration.
Chart control

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