RavenDB v5.1.6 (Build 51023)

Improves Configuration, Indexing and Querying.
April 15, 2021 - 13:19
New Version


  • Server
    • [Cluster] Added endpoint to remove entry from Raft log.
    • [Configuration] Added Indexing.MaxNumberOfConcurrentlyRunningIndexes configuration option.
    • [Configuration] Increased default value for Indexing.Encrypted.TransactionSizeLimitInMb configuration option depending on the amount of available memory.
    • [Configuration] Added Http.AllowSynchronousIO configuration option.
    • [Indexing] Reduced amount of IO needed to deal with temporary files.
    • [Indexing] Added ability to limit number of concurrently running indexes to reduce the memory and IO usage (Indexing.MaxNumberOfConcurrentlyRunningIndexes).
    • [Indexing] Added cluster-wide disable index.
    • [Indexing] Reduced logging lever of errors related to using Nuget DLLs in indexes.
    • [Indexing] Normalized new line characters when comparing additional sources.
    • [Querying] Better exception on invalid JS Date.
    • [SNMP] Exposed number of disabled, encrypted and current node databases.
    • [SNMP] Exposed GC memory info.
    • [Server] Added the ability to disable Kestrel's AllowSynchronousIO and making the handling of requests fully async. Added Http.AllowSynchronousIO to allow users to control it explicitly.
    • [SQL ETL] Added support for handling conversion of GUID to UUID when loading records to PostgreSQL.
    • [Time Series] Added support for querying time series with quoted name.
    • [Tombstones] Added endpoints allowing you to force cleanup tombstones and check the cleanup state.
    • [Voron] Ensured that it reports an alert if an error happened during the flush of data and we recreate the background task.
    • [Microsoft .NET Core] Updated to 5.0.5.
  • Client
    • [Session] Now considers the index referenced collections on WaitForIndexesAfterSaveChanges.
    • [Conventions] Added WaitForIndexesAfterSaveChangesTimeout, WaitForReplicationAfterSaveChangesTimeout and WaitForNonStaleResultsTimeout conventions.
    • [Performance] Optimized TryGetServerVersion.
    • Added Lazy version of ConditionalLoad.
  • Embedded
    • Added support for wildcards (x) in the ServerOptions.FrameworkVersion.
  • Studio
    • [Querying] Added id() field to the list of index terms.


Fully transactional NoSQL document database.

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