jSparrow v3.29.0/v3.5.0

Adds new refactoring rule in the Eclipse and Maven Plugins.
April 19, 2021 - 14:53
New Version


  • jSparrow Eclipse Plugin and Maven Plugin
    • New Rule:
      • Replace JUnit assertThat with Hamcrest - The JUnit Assert.assertThat method has been deprecated. Its sole purpose is to forward the call to the MatcherAssert.assertThat method defined in Hamcrest 1.3. Therefore, it is recommended to directly use the equivalent assertion defined in the third party Hamcrest library.
  • jSparrow Eclipse Plugin
    • Replace JUnit 4 Assertions with JUnit Jupiter - Extends the rule coverage by allowing the replacement of JUnit 4 assertion Assert.assertThrows with its equialent Jupiter alternative Assertions.assertThrows.


Automatic Java refactoring.

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