IntegralUI Web 21.2

Adds new PivotGrid component which includes advanced filtering options for labels and values.
June 09, 2021 - 10:37
New Version


  • New PivotGrid component:
    • Includes advanced filtering options for labels and values.
    • Sorting of columns, rows and data values is available.
    • Export data from PivotGrid to Microsoft Excel CSV and JSON format.
    • Custom templates for column and row cells.
    • Support for standard numeric and date formats.
    • Multi-level headers with option to expand/collapse columns.
    • Comes in light and dark theme.
    • Improved performance during data load and update.
  • Option to set header and footer height from code in Grid components.
  • CommonService now provides support for conversion of numbers, dates and strings in standard formats.
  • Scrolling using Touch in Grid and TreeGrid is now fully functional.
  • findItembyId and findItemByText methods added to TreeList.
  • Sort order indicator is now displayed also when column is sorted, regardless whether it is selected or not.
  • New samples available in Angular, AngularJS, JavaScript and React.
New PivotGrid component

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