Web Atoms 1.6.249

Adds new Suggestions control which displays a "More" link when a list of items fills the space.
September 21, 2021 - 16:01
New Version


  • Added new AtomSuggestions control which will display a list of items horizontally till it fills up all the space and then it will display a "More" link, which will then open a popup list view to select items from. The ItemTappedCommand will be executed when you click any of the items displayed.
  • Weak Reference have been removed from Apple iOS.
  • RecycleElement recycling strategy for ListView displayed in Popups for AtomChips and new control AtomSuggestions has been set.
  • Popups are now automatically scrolled to top by bringing the target UI to top if it is inside a scroll view. You can turn it off by setting AtomPopup.SetScrollUp(target, false).
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