jSparrow v4.4.0/v3.11.0

Adds new rule to Eclipse and Maven plugins to support 'Stream.toList' introduced in Java 16.
November 04, 2021 - 15:28
New Version


  • jSparrow Eclipse Plugin and Maven Plugin
    • New Rule
      • Replace Stream Collect By ToList - Java 16 introduced Stream.toList() as a shorthand method for converting a Stream into an unmodifiable List.
        This rule replaces invocations of collect(Collectors.toUnmodifiableList()) on a stream by the new method stream.toList().
      • Use Switch Expression - This rule replaces the traditional switch-case statements with switch-case expressions, which turned to standard feature in Java 14.
      • Use Text Block - This rule replaces multiline String concatenation expressions with Text Block String literals, which turned to standard feature in Java 15.
      • Replace String Format by Formatted - This rule replaces the static invocations of String.format​(String format, Object... args) by invocations of the new instance method String.formatted(Object... args).
jSparrow adds new rule to support Stream.toList.


Automatic Java refactoring.

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