Big Faceless PDF Library v2.26.2

Create, edit, display and manipulate PDF documents on-the-fly.
November 24, 2021 - 11:49
New Version

Big Faceless PDF Library is a PDF library for creating, editing, displaying and printing Adobe Acrobat PDF documents. The PDF API is small, fast, easy to use and integrate into your projects, and is completely written in Java. BFOs PDF Library provides unparalleled implementation flexibility and reliability for the developer. It is scalable, thread-safe and extremely fast, having been honed over the years and runs on any Java platform from the humble PC up to Mainframes.

Updates in v2.26.2

  • Tested and verified with Java 17, dropped support for Java 5, and removed all support for Applets from viewer package.
    (Note that JavaScript is NOT currently supported under Java 17; this is planned for a future release).
  • Reduced the memory required to load TrueType and (in particular) OpenType fonts, and delayed the instantiation of some of the data needed until the font is used. These changes makes it cheaper to load fonts that may not be used.
  • Added support for UTF-8 ECI mode to QR-Code, which means any UTF-8 character can be encoded. Reader support for this feature is common but not universal; it will only be used if no other encoding option for that character applies.
  • Adjusted the font selection algorithm in Preflight to favour smaller fonts.
  • When preflighting, certain types of damage no longer results in the page being rasterized.
  • When preflighting, reduce memory footprint for fonts that use 16-bit identity lookups for their ToUnicode structures (a regression in 2.26).
  • Added support for WOFF2 collections.
  • Viewer:
    • Got rid of legacy "AppleSupport" class, replaced with general "DesktopSupport" for integration with the java.awt.desktop package. Theoretically this could apply on platforms other than macOS.
    • The KeyStoreSignatureProvider.X509SignatureState class has a method, getCertificate(), which was confusingly named. Deprecated, and added getSigningCertificate() and getUnverifiableCertificate() to remove ambiguity.
Big Faceless PDF Library

Big Faceless PDF Library

Create, Edit, Display and Manipulate PDF documents on-the-fly.

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