jSparrow v4.6.0/v3.13.0

Adds new Chain AssertJ AssertThat Statements rule to improve the readability of unit tests.
December 21, 2021 - 8:51
New Version


jSparrow Eclipse Plugin and Maven Plugin

  • New Rules
    • Chain AssertJ AssertThat Statements - Encourages writing fluent test cases by chaining the assertions that target the same object instead of invoking assertThat (opens new window) multiple times.
    • Shift AssertJ Description Before Assertion - Provides methods for setting assertion descriptions or error messages.
  • More jSparrow Markers - This release adds 10 additional markers for the following rules:
    • Avoid Concatenation in Logging Statements.
    • Insert Break Statements in For-loops.
    • Remove Explicit Type Argument.
    • Remove Unused Parameters in Private Methods.
    • Remove Redundant Type Cast.
    • Replace indexOf() with contains().
    • Replace Map::get by Map::getOrDefault.
    • Replace put(..) with putIfAbsent(..).
    • Replace removeAll() with clear().
    • Use Collections Singleton List.
  • jSparrow Markers Preference Page - Allows users choose the set of markers that automatically appear in the Java editor.


Automatic Java refactoring.

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