jSparrow v4.10.0

Adds new 'Remove Unused Types' refactoring rule to the Eclipse Plugin.
April 29, 2022 - 9:02
New Version


jSparrow Eclipse Plugin

  • New Rule
    • Remove Unused Types - This rule finds the type declarations that are never used and removes them. Users can choose to remove types that are only used in test sources, together with their corresponding tests. Any annotation except for @Deprecated and @SuppressWarnings prevents the type declaration from being considered as unused.
  • More jSparrow Markers - Added 10 additional markers for the following rules taking the total number of available jSparrow Markers to 76:
    • Make Fields and Variables Final.
    • Use @Override Annotation.
    • Use equals() on Primitive Objects.
    • Remove Collection::addAll.
    • Remove Explicit Call To super().
    • Remove Unnecessary Thrown Exceptions on Method Signatures.
    • Reorder Modifiers.
    • Remove Lambda Expression Braces.
    • StringBuffer() to StringBuilder().
    • Use Offset Based String Methods.
  • jSparrow Markers Preference Page - The jSparrow Markers preference page has been extended with a search field that allows users to find jSparrow markers by their name and category.
  • Quick-fix to Deactivate jSparrow Markers - All jSparrow markers have been extended with a quick-fix that allows users to deactivate markers. This quick-fix, automatically opens the preference page and searches for the corresponding marker by its name.
  • Run jSparrow with the Default Profile - The jSparrow context menu has been extended with new entires:
    • 'Refactor with Default Profile' - Starts jSparrow in the selected sources with the rules defined in the default profile. In this way, the select rules wizard is skipped and the preview wizard will open immediately after computing refactoring is over.
    • 'Edit profiles...' - Opens the jSparrow preference page for editing profiles and selecting the default profile.


Automatic Java refactoring.

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