jSparrow v4.11.0/v3.18.0

Adds new 'Remove Redundant Close' refactoring rule to the Eclipse and Maven Plugins.
May 23, 2022 - 14:19
New Version


jSparrow Eclipse Plugin and Maven Plugin

  • New Rule
    • Remove Redundant Close - This rule is used to remove redundant 'close()' invocation statements on resources which are declared in the header of try-with-resource statements.

jSparrow Eclipse Plugin

  • More jSparrow Markers - Added 13 additional markers for the following rules taking the total number of available jSparrow Markers to 89:
    • Add Braces to Control Statements.
    • Remove Deprecated Date Constructs.
    • Replace Nested Loops with flatMap.
    • Replace static final Collections with Collections.unmodifiable...().
    • Use Portable Newline.
    • Use StringUtils Methods.
    • Use Predefined Standard Charset.
    • Use Dedicated AssertJ Assertions.
    • Replace JUnit assertThat with Hamcrest.
    • Replace JUnit Expected Annotation Property with assertThrows.
    • Replace JUnit ExpectedException with assertThrows.
    • Replace JUnit Timeout Annotation Property with assertTimeout.
    • Remove Redundant Close.


Automatic Java refactoring.

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