jSparrow v4.13.0/v3.20.0

Adds new refactoring rules including 'Replace Multi Branch If By Switch' and 'Replace Wrong Class for Logger'.
September 28, 2022
New Version


jSparrow Eclipse Plugin and Maven Plugin

  • New Rules
    • Replace Set.removeAll With ForEach - Calling the method 'removeAll' on a Set with a List as an invocation argument may lead to performance problems due to a possible 'O(n^2)' complexity. This rule replaces such invocations.
    • Replace Wrong Class for Logger - If a given logger is initialized with a class that is different from the class where it is declared, then this rule will replace the wrong initialization argument with the correct one.
    • Replace Multi Branch If By Switch - In Java 14, switch expressions turned into a standard feature. This rule replaces multi-branch 'if' statements by corresponding switch expressions or switch statements with switch labeled rules. Because this rule removes a lot of redundant parts of code, readability has been improved.

jSparrow Eclipse Plugin

  • More jSparrow Markers - This release adds 2 additional markers for the following rules:
    • Replace Set.removeAll With ForEach.
    • Replace Wrong Class for Logger.


Automatic Java refactoring.

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