SlickEdit 2022 (v27.0)

Adds support for outlining, Live Diff for Git and improves code editing, tagging, file support and annotation.
October 19, 2022 - 10:12
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  • The following outline styles are available (Pro supports most languages):
    • Indent.
    • Braces.
    • Braces or brackets.
    • Symbols and Statements.
    • Statements.
  • The Indent style is typically a great alternative to the Statements outline style.
  • When using an outline style, selective-display is updated continuously.
  • Selective-display lines for each indentation level are now aligned vertically with the code block.
  • When mouse hovers over the start or end of a code-block, a popup will show the beginning and ending line, and a link to get there.

Outlining Preview and Expansion

  • Outlined symbols can be shown on the Document Overview Bar.
  • Double clicking the - collapses the code block.
  • Double clicking the + expands code block.
  • Floating over a + shows the hidden code block.

Live Diff
Live Diff shows a comparison of the file you're editing with the version in source control while you keep editing.

  • Currently available for Git.
  • You can configure which items to see:
    • Show colors in the margin of inserted or different lines.
    • Show icons in the margin of inserted or different lines in margin.
    • Color sections different lines.
    • Show deleted lines as lines that cannot be saved.

Git Enhancements
Features added to Git support:

  • Clone a repository.
  • Add a worktree.
  • Notifications when clone or worktrees are done.
  • Merge branches.
  • Add a tag.
  • Add a tag or worktree from the Repository Browser, History Diff, or History Dialog.
  • Improvements and fixes to the Compare Directory/Project/Workspace with source control.

Scala Debugger

  • Updated Scala debugger backend to improve performance and breakpoint handling.

Fix-ups catch errors from your compiler and offer to fix them. Fix-ups support includes:

  • Misspelled identifier.
  • Identifier not fold.
  • Undeclared identifier.
  • Missing semicolon.
  • Missing comma.
  • Correcting . to ->.

Find Matching Braces Enhanced
SlickEdit's Find Matching Braces feature has been enhanced:

  • Ctrl+] command now supports tracing through compound if ... else if ... else ... and try ... catch ... finally ... statement sequences in brace-oriented languages like C and Java.
  • Ctrl+] command now supports tracing through switch ... { case ... default ... } statement sequences in brace-oriented languages like C and Java.

Horizontal Dynamic Surround
The dynamic surround you've learned to know and love now goes sideways.

  • Type an open paren, or start of an HTML/XML tag, and use the cursor keys to surround text on that line.

Enhanced Configuration Searching
Enhanced Configuration researching includes:

  • Searching for a config item now only shows it for the current language (by default).

Rust beautifier

  • Specify indent amounts.
  • Specify brace styles.
  • Optional beautify while typing.
  • Optional beautify while pasting.

Code Annotation Enhancements
Enhancements to SlickEdit's Code Annotations feature includes:

  • Multi-line annotations are colored in the margin and Document Overview bar as multiple lines.
  • Added new "Repeat Annotation" feature to create a new annotation of the same type as the previous annotation created.
  • Added new "Annotation Only" built-in annotation type with no fields, and thus no dialog to fill in when creating it.
  • Using these two new features together makes it possible to create a new annotation with a single click.
  • Added capability to create multi-line annotations if there is an active selection.
  • Added capability to specify a prefix color like sticky notes for code annotations.

More new features in SlickEdit 2022

  • Code Editing
    • Added new "ifelse" syntax expansion trigger to expand an if ... else statement for most languages.
    • Added new syntax expansion option to prioritize common statements to avoid prompting for which keyword to expand when there are multiple matches.
    • Added options to control what cursor movement keys are taken over by Dynamic Surround.
    • Added code to trigger Horizontal Dynamic Surround when inline HTML or XML tags are auto-closed.
    • Added Auto-Close option to disable Horizontal Dynamic Surround.
    • Enhanced Auto-Close option for HTML and XML tags.
  • File Support
    • Added File>Set File Attributes... menu item which allows you to set file attributes/permissions for the current file. For command line lovers, the chmod command has been enhanced to automatically assume the current buffer if no files are specified. For example, chmod u+x sets user execute permissions for the current file.
    • Added color coding for File Manager mode.
    • Added separate colors settings for File Manager mode.
  • Emulations
    • The select-whole-word command is now bound to C-W in CUA, ISPF, and BBEdit emulations.
  • Tagging
    • Drag and drop Symbols from Tool Windows:
      • Supported in Defs, Symbols, Class, and Find Symbol tool window.
      • Allows dragging and dropping a symbol name from the list into an editor window.
      • You can also drag the second column to pull out the class name.
      • Also, you can drag from the left margin to copy the entire tree node caption.
    • When SlickEdit displays documentation comments (JavaDoc or XMLDoc), there are now additional links so that you can jump to the definition of the symbol's return type and cross-reference tags (like @see).
    • Added new option for function parameter help (when invoked manually using Alt+Comma) to attempt to find the best-matching function prototype for overloaded functions.
    • Added new command (function-argument-help-filter-overloads) which attempts to finds the best-matching function prototype for overloaded functions.
    • Added new key binding (Shift+Alt+Comma or Shift+Command+Comma) to invoke function-argument-help-filter-overloads in all emulations.
    • Added new key binding (Shift+Alt+Dot or Shift+Command+Dot) to invoke push-tag-filter-overloads in all emulations.
    • Added new command (push-tag-return_type) to jump to the definition of the return type of the symbol under the cursor.
    • Added new key binding (Ctrl+Shift+Alt+Dot) to invoke push-tag-return_type in all emulations.
    • In C++ code, if there cursor is on "auto", make Ctrl+Dot jump to the return type of the variable being declared.
    • Added XML outline scheme for XHTML.
    • Automatically detect Windows 10 Dark app mode and use our Dark theme.
    • Improved Dark application color theme scroll bar colors to make it more visible.

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