RavenDB v5.4.5

Improves cluster transaction restore performance.
November 23, 2022 - 16:32
New Version



  • Backup
    • Optimized cluster transaction restore performance.
    • Added the ability to exclude indexes for Snapshot backup.
    • After restore, database will now be automatically loaded to apply the journals.
    • You can now use 'Backup.TempPath' for one time backups.
    • Optimized memory during restore/import of Time Series to an encrypted database.
  • Corax
    • Added support for Range facets.
  • Cluster
    • Introduced dedicated commands for processing client/studio/settings configurations to avoid using database record updates.
  • Certificates
    • Allow users to start the server with an expired certificate to allow certificate refresh to take place.
  • ETL
    • Added support for providing SQL provider specific parameter types in SQL ETL scripts.
  • Indexes
    • Added support for file-scoped namespace declarations in additional sources.
  • Querying
    • Exposed @spatial metadata for JavaScript projections.
  • Replication
    • Delay replication on missing attachments.
  • .NET
    • Updated Microsoft .NET to 6.0.11.

Client API

  • Querying
    • Added support for case-sensitive string comparisons in LINQ.
  • Session
    • Added the ability to allow incrementing Time Series multiple times in the same session.
    • Added Typed Incremental Time Series API.


  • Cluster Dashboard
    • Added average request time per database.
  • Querying
    • Removed dynamic fields from RQL code assistance.
  • Thread Info
    • Added 'websockets' for live updates.


Fully transactional NoSQL document database.

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