Structure101 Studio V6.1 b21434

Adds additional logging and the ability to delete redundant classes.
November 23, 2022 - 16:36
New Version


Structure101g specific changes

  • Added JavaScript/TypeScript flavor bundling.

Clang C/C++ specific changes

  • Added additional logging to 'ArgumentReader' class.
  • Added 'NPE' guard for Report Node ID operation.
  • Added new command run-compile-commands.
  • Added error messaging for analysis failures in parser.
  • Added support for restarting 'generate-cpa'.
  • Added spec image API for snapsnot.
  • Added the ability to redirect call edges from 'defn' to 'decln'.
  • Added support for 'ClassTemplatePartialSpecialization'.
  • Added 'TemplateInstanceMatcher' class.
  • Refactored 'decl' tree code.
  • Reinstated placeholder.
  • Added the ability to delete redundant classes.

Java specific changes

  • Upgraded 'ASM' parser to 9.3.
  • Added support for Record class.
  • Can now handle 'BOOT-INF' path in Spring Boot jar.
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Structure101 Studio

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