InstallAware Multi-Platform updated

Adds new application repackager for macOS and Linux plus support for importing existing InstallAware projects.
December 06, 2022 - 10:41
New Version


  • Setup Capture: New PackageAware Multi Platform an application repackager for Apple macOS and Linux.
    • See changes made by any process to the system or any package/setup.
    • Emits wildcards for captured new folders.
    • Multi-core engine automatically takes advantage of all available CPU cores for the quickest processing times.
  • InstallAware Import: Direct conversion of all your existing setup projects into Multi Platform.
    • Unsupported script commands are commented out with meaningful labels, helping you piece together the missing bits.
    • Commands such as Install Files are automatically updated to use Multi Platform style path delimiters.
    • Even your dialogs are ported through - with intelligently replaced controls where necessary.
    • Generates ready to build, complete setups with all your Include Scripts intact.
  • New Commands: Featuring Create Link for hard and 'symlink' creation.
    • Read/write text files, use in-script looping constructs.
  • IDE Updates: Including new Code Folding and fully unlimited script editor Undo/Redo.
    • The Localization Wizard and its accompanying redistributables are also now cross-platform.
  • Scaling and Stability
    • macOS Ventura is now fully supported with signed (and notarized) app deployments for both Intel and M1/M2 Macs.
    • The GUI Self-Extractor for Linux.
InstallAware Multi-Platform

InstallAware Multi-Platform

Build installers for Linux, macOS, and Windows from a single source.

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