RavenDB v5.4.110

Adds dedicated thread for cluster transaction execution.
September 14, 2023 - 11:09
New Version



  • [Backup] Blocked deletion of database if restore is in progress.
  • [Configuration] Added 'Http.Http2.MaxStreamsPerConnection' and set it to unlimited value.
  • [Cluster] Added a dedicated thread for cluster transaction execution.
  • [Indexes] Added support for 'default(DateTime)'.
  • [Linux] Improved detecting when running close to OS limits (notification and SNMP endpoint).
  • [Querying] Decreased memory usage when streaming compressed documents.
  • [Replication] Decreased memory used when large number of compressed documents/revisions is skipped.
  • [Revisions] Added the ability to enforce configuration for specified collections only.
  • [Subscriptions] Decreased the cluster pressure for ACK commands.

Client API

  • [Bulk Insert] Heartbeats are now sent to keep operation alive (requires server update as well).
  • [Querying] You can now allow Proximity search 0.


  • [Backup] Added a copy button to restore log.


Fully transactional NoSQL document database.

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