VARCHART XGantt patched

March 01, 2012 - 11:43
Patch Release

VARCHART XGantt is a graphical charting software component for visualizing business activities. It offers clear, concise and detailed process flows, identification, tracking, scheduling and allocation of tasks and resources over time. Give your customers the ability to edit their data quickly and easily, while at the same time controlling which fields can be changed and which are 'read-only'.

The following editions are available:

Updates in V4.4 (Build 445)

  • Expanding groups using an API call did not work if all groups of the diagram had been collapsed before
  • In the ASP.NET edition, tool tip were positioned in the wrong way
  • Events VcTableColumnWidthChanging and VcTableColumnWidthChanged were missing in the ASP.NET edition
  • Horizontal grid lines were missing in hierarchies if at runtime an ActiveNodeFilter had been set and the hierarchy was switched off
  • Scheduling was incorrect if a time zone was not adapted to daylight saving time
  • Times in the AM/PM time format could not be edited
  • The visibility of links did not work properly
  • Moving several nodes by drag & drop did not work when the Ctrl key was pressed and nodes were selected by mouse
  • When visible links were switched between optimized and overlaid, performance problems could occur
  • An initialization error could occur when VARCHART XGantt was used with Microsoft Access 2010
  • Line grids in histograms could not be switched on at design time
  • Performance problems could occur when the width of table columns was modified
  • The event OnStatusLineText did not work with extended data structure, the text value remaining empty
  • When downsizing table columns the diagram could become inconsistent
  • Graphical elements sometimes left traces when scrolling the screen
  • In hierarchies, nodes could lose their selection marks
  • Links could appear or disappear when data was loaded or reset
  • Repeated reloads could lead to an unexpected error
  • In table formats wrong colors could occur in color gradients
  • In some cases, nodes could be moved although they were not supposed to
  • The number of table columns could not be retrieved at runtime

About NETRONIC Software

NETRONIC Software develops high-performance charting software for visualizing data. The company was founded in 1975 in Aachen, Germany, and was one of the first enterprises to market software components for Gantt, network and tree charts. Versatility, a high degree of interactivity and an easy integration into applications distinguish NETRONIC products. Its customers employ NETRONIC products worldwide. By visualizing their data, they make faster decisions, can display project contexts or schedule production processes. NETRONIC is one of the leading providers of visualization components.

Hierarchical chart in VARCHART XGantt .NET.

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