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ComponentSource adds Greatis Software's suite of image editing components for Delphi / C++ Builder.
November 16, 2009 - 17:25
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Image Editor Suite is a set of visual and non-visual components which allow you to create image editors in Delphi and C++ Builder applications. Image Editor is a pure VCL/WinAPI solution, so no external DLLs are required. There are two main parts of Image Editor Suite an image editor component which contains and displays edited images and a drawing component. The image editor receives all mouse and keyboard input, translates them into special events, like start/end drawing, etc., and calls appropriated method from the drawing component. The drawing component then uses this data to draw the graphics. Image Editor supports JPEG and BMP image formats.


  • TImageEditor
    A visual component that displays, zooms and scrolls images.
  • TColorToolbar
    A visual component that can be connected to the TImageEditor to choose foreground and background colors. The color palette is presented as collection of properties that can be edited at design time and at runtime, saved to and loaded from files. There are methods which can add standard color sets, like VGA palette, gray scales, etc.
  • TSimpleDrawer
    A non-visual drawing component. Use it for creating simple drawing functionality.
  • TStandardDrawer
    A fully functional drawing component. Supports all you need in graphic editoring: dropper, eraser, pencil, polyline, brush, spray, fill, empty and filled shapes, text and, of course, selection and clip operations.
  • TPluginDrawer
    A drawing component that allows to drawing functionality realized in an external DLL. This Plugin DLL can be connected at design time and at runtime with ease.

About Greatis Software

Greatis Software is a company based in The Russian Federation that started making software in 1998. The company's most important directions are security software and software for developers. Greatis Software's expertise lies in creating components and tools for Delphi. Functional specialties include: form designing, printing, imaging and WinAPI.

Adjusting the brightness, contrast, saturation and gamma of a photo.

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