Resco launches MobileApp Studio

New Visual Studio add-on reduces the time needed to create primary design and functionality of mobile applications.
July 26, 2010 - 16:10
Press Release

Resco MobileApp Studio allows developers to quickly design and build mobile forms. It is a Microsoft Visual Studio add-on, so all its tools are integrated and accessed directly with Visual Studio. All forms/user controls created with MobileApp Studio are generated along with VB or C# source code and are attached to the application project. This allows developers to customize the generated forms/controls. Resco MobileApp Studio also includes advanced data-binding capabilities for convenient for mobile database solutions.


Competitive advantages

  • Visual Studio add-on for rapid mobile apps development
  • Fast and simple development
  • Includes advanced UI and data-binding designers
  • Customization opportunities through VB or C# source code
  • Contains Resco MobileForms Toolkit license

Target group

  • Suitable for companies that need business mobile applications while having just a little mobile development experience
  • For all developers looking for a rapid development tool - first functional app can be designed in about few minutes


  • Easy to use and intuitive designers allow developers to quickly design list or detail forms
  • The forms design is created without any need of dealing with code
  • The designer generates C# or Visual Basic code automatically and attaches it to the entire project

Themes and Styles

  • Allow developers to define custom styles of visual elements and apply them to all forms in the entire application
  • Attractive form and style themes help developers to startup a mobile app project
  • The idea of UI of the styles is similar to Microsoft Office Word

Data binding

Can be created with help of a wizard and offers three basic data binding techniques:

  • SQL CE Database - allows data binding to tables/columns, or SQL query
  • Manual setup - allows setting up the DataColumns manually
  • CLR Class - suitable for database business models, which have already been implemented in the entire project or any external project

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About Resco

Resco has extensive experience with development of mobile applications ranging from system utilities through multimedia applications, and games to comprehensive enterprise solutions. Resco .NET controls’ design is based on this experience allowing you to easily create solutions that mobile users need.

Selecting a theme in the Resco MobileApp Studio Wizard.

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