Streamline file uploads with Flash

Aurigma Image Uploader Flash makes it easy to upload documents, images and ZIP archives from any OS or browser.
July 28, 2010 - 0:00
Press Release

Image Uploader Flash is a new lightweight version of the Aurigma Image Uploader standard product. Ideal for Web 2.0 sites with more casual users, it makes photo uploading quick and user-friendly. While Adobe Flash does not offer the advanced functionality of the standard ActiveX/Java uploader, it handles basic uploading needs with ease.

The following editions are also available:


User-friendly multiple photo uploader

  • Add multiple files to the upload list and send them to a server with a single click
  • Display thumbnails in the upload list
  • Show a progress bar during upload

Resize photos before upload

  • Upload multiple resized copies of each photo

Upload additional information along with files

  • Add comments/description to each photo
  • Attach arbitrary HTML form to the upload

Upload not just pictures, but any other kind of files

  • Configure Image Uploader Flash to upload not just JPEG, but also other kind of files - documents, ZIP archives, MP3, etc

Easy to configure for any Web site

  • Highly configurable look and feel
  • Multilingual user interface
  • Configure various restrictions - by file size, dimensions, number of files

Rich convenient API to extend Image Uploader Flash functionality

  • Powerful client-side JavaScript API
  • Fixed format of HTTP POST requests which enables to integrate Image Uploader Flash with any server platform (PHP, ASP.NET, JSP, Ruby, ColdFusion, and any others)
  • ASP.NET control integrated with Visual Studio
  • PHP library

About Aurigma

Aurigma specializes in the development of imaging components and Web-based solutions for image management. Founded in 2000, Aurigma has built a broad customer base including some Fortune 500 companies. Its software can be used for everything from small photo galleries to corporate security video management. Aurigma features products such as Image Uploader, an ActiveX control for Internet Explorer, which is intended for uploading multiple images at once. And Graphics Mill, its imaging component that lets you apply effects, transform, and save in today's most popular formats. These products prove themselves to be high-quality, easy-to-use, and efficient - 'must haves' for companies producing image-related solutions. By leveraging extensive input, its products are quickly becoming the worldwide cornerstone applications for image processing solutions.

Uploading JPEG images with Image Uploader Flash.

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