SQLDetective 4.3.1 launched

Graphical user interface for developing Oracle database objects, writing/debugging stored programs and more.
March 17, 2011 - 18:40
Press Release

SQLDetective is a powerful ,easy-to-use graphic user interface for Oracle databases. It can be used to develop database objects; write and debug stored programs, object types and triggers; execute, analyze and format SQL and PL/SQL statements; administer and monitor databases; compare databases/schemas/objects in the same or different databases, as well as browse and modify data and analyze dependencies between objects.


  • Quickly develop database objects using Visual Object Editors
  • Easily write, test, debug and execute server-side programs
  • Conveniently browse, modify, search, sort, filter and export & import any type of data
  • Smart manage schemas and database objects using such tools as, Compare Databases, Schema Extractor, Schema Compiler, Schema Analyzer, Fast Copier, Find Objects and Report Generator
  • Simpler administration and monitoring of databases using such tools as the Session Navigator, Storage Manager, Database Monitor, Top Session Locator, Database Examiner, TKProf Shell and Tablespace Wizard

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Conquest Software Solutions LLC is a group of professionals based on two continents committed to providing powerful, customer-focused, user-driven, professional tools designed for Oracle developers. Conquest Software Solutions focus on meeting the high expectations for performance and ease of use at economically advantageous prices, making software accessible not only to large corporations, but also to small companies, individual developers and consultants. Conquest Software Solutions, LLC is dedicated to delivering new ideas and new modules/products for the professional Oracle developer and DBA's on a very high level of quality and reliability.

SQLDetective Object Navigator.

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