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Build mobile web applications using ASP.NET that support all mobile handsets, devices and browsers.
April 04, 2011 - 0:00
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51Degrees.mobi .NET Mobile Framework increases the performance of ASP.NET web sites when accessed in the low bandwidth variable technology environment of the mobile device. ASP.NET developers can be instantly productive delivering compelling user experiences without the need to learn new technologies and platforms. Existing web site infrastructure can be reused further reducing the cost of adapting an existing web site to mobile.


  • Adapts ASP.NET to support all mobile devices.
  • Improves ASP.NET performance over low bandwidth mobile connections.
  • Data persistence optimized for "little and often" mobile usage scenarios.
  • New mobile controls for calendar, location, data paging, mapping and more.
  • All standard ASP.NET controls enhanced to support mobile features.
  • Real time properties for bandwidth and performance information.

Why adapt your Web site to support Mobile?
In 2008 global mobile access to the Internet exceeded desktop computer-based access for the first time. This growing trend means your business needs a mobile presence more than ever. Creating a mobile website for your organization is simple, but guaranteeing that it will work for every mobile device is where the work really begins. This is where 51Degrees.mobi .NET Framework can help, it detects the exact mobile device accessing your website and provides the best possible experience for the mobile user.

Using a standard website on mobile devices will result in a slow and confusing user experience.  51Degrees.mobi .NET Framework enables you to optimize your existing website for the mobile web ensuring all end users have the same positive experience, regardless of the handset used, from the iPad to BlackBerry and older-generation web-enabled feature phones.

How does 51Degrees.mobi help?
The continuing performance gap between mobile and desktop web speeds remains a challenge for website developers but with 51Degrees.mobi .NET Framework ASP.NET developers can easily improve the experience for mobile users by delivering only what they need to shop or browse when they visit your website. 51Degrees.mobi .NET Framework will remove excess data that will slow mobile connections down.

The Windows desktop operating system has enabled application developers to capture over 80% of the market. The variety of technologies available within the mobile environment means that this is not a possibility for native mobile applications. They cannot be ported across platforms without extensive rewrites, which are costly and slow. 51Degrees.mobi uses the browser on the mobile device to deliver the application. The 51Degrees.mobi User Interface (UI) will automatically adapt to support the mobile device and browser being used from a single code base. Smart phones and feature phones can all be supported with a single application. This approach is the most cost effective and logical means of reaching the greatest variety of mobile devices. 10% of the cost for 90% of the return.

About 51Degrees.mobi

51Degrees.mobi was founded in April 2009 when they released an open source project called 51Degrees.mobi Foundation designed to detect mobile devices and redirect initial requests from these devices to a mobile friendly home page optimised for the small screen. 100s of new Web servers go live with 51Degrees.mobi Foundation each month and it is being continually updated to support new mobile devices and features requested by developers. During 2010 and 2011 51Degrees.mobi extended the  underlying components of their services so that others can  easily  integrate them into their Web sites and released a new product called 51Degrees.mobi .NET Mobile Framework, which enhances existing ASP.NET controls to support mobile browsers and all mobile phone types including; Android, iPhone, Meego, Symbian, webOS, Windows Phone / Mobile.

Sample mobile Web applications developed using 51Degrees.mobi .NET Mobile Framework.

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