CodeFluent Entities released

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July 13, 2011 - 11:37
Press Release

CodeFluent Entities is a Visual Studio 2008/2010 integrated environment that helps you master present and future Microsoft .NET development technologies. It is a full model-first tool for continuous generation of all your application layers (user interface, services, business tier and database) that preserves your custom code. Your application deserves rock-solid foundations. Let CodeFluent Entities generate them, and leave yourself the fun part. CodeFluent Entities guarantees best practices on Microsoft architecture including: Winforms, WPF, ASP.NET, Silverlight, Office, SharePoint or mobile.


  • Allows multi-architecture without additional cost
  • Rich client (client/server architecture)
  • Web ASP.NET application (n-tier architecture)
  • Web SharePoint application (n-tier architecture) - Requires additional licensing option "CodeFluent for Sharepoint"
  • Smart Client application (n-tier architecture)
  • SQL server persistence
  • Oracle persistence - Requires additional licensing option "CodeFluent for Oracle"

About SoftFluent

SoftFluent is a privately-owned company delivering software and services in software development. It is SoftFluent’s contention that software development is as yet too much of a mere craft. SoftFluent’s ambition – which it already has strongly implemented – vies to speed up its industrialization. SoftFluent, with its massive investment in Research and Development, capitalizes on CodeFluent Entities, software it designed to evolve according to the ever-changing prerequisites of your needs. In accordance with the pragmatic model-oriented approach of its product, SoftFluent extends the methods of software development to bring you the agility you need. SoftFluent only relies on high value people, who are expert partners deeply committed to your success.


Using CodeFluent Entities to create applications.

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