DateTime Column V1.4 released

Cross-browser compatible (Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Opera, Safari and Chrome) DateTime Column picker for SharePoint.
July 15, 2011 - 10:48
Press Release

DateTime Column is a quick way to make your SharePoint Date Time controls cross-browser compatible (Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Opera, Safari and Chrome). DateTime Column picker works correctly in all modern browsers unlike the standard SharePoint date picker. The column allows you to select dates and times, restrict date and time ranges and specify display settings. Apart from the common Gregorian calendar, it also includes several other calendars that use different year and month systems, such as the Gregorian Arabic calendar.


  • Cross-browser support (Internet Explorer (IE), Mozilla, Opera, Safari, Google Chrome, etc.)     
  • Support for all Gregorian calendars     
  • Ability to set minimum and maximum value for DateTime column value     
  • Compatible with SharePoint themes     
  • Fast client-side rendering     
  • Fast date selecting using drop-downs     
  • Supports Datasheet view, including edit mode     
  • Two-way conversion between ArtfulBits DateTime column and standard SharePoint DateTime column 

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Date selection in DateTime Column.

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