SQLMath launched

A complete toolkit of over 80 functions & features for mathematical computing.
July 26, 2011 - 13:39
Press Release

SQLMath extends and enhances your T-SQL programming environment by adding sequence generators; matrices; matrix arithmetic; trigonometric & hyperbolic functions; prime numbers; factorials; GCD/LCM; logs, powers exponents & roots; rounding, truncation & modular arithmetic and more.


  • Number sequences: arithmetic, geometric, harmonic, alternating harmonic, p-series & Fibonacci
  • Modular multiplication and modular powers of very large integers, quotients
  • Rounding to specified multiples, decimal places & significant figures
  • Factorial, double factorial, rising & falling factorials, log of factorial, binomial / multinomial coefficients
  • Return nth prime, next prime, nth next prime, table of prime numbers, test of primeness
  • Summations: sum (x.y), sum(x2), sum (x2-y2), sum((x-y)2), sum(x2+y2), sum(aix(n+im))
  • Greatest common divisor & least common multiple of 2 numbers or of an entire dataset
  • Cube root & hypotenuse (suitable for difficult values of x)
  • Accurate computation of ex-1, ln(x+1) & sqrt(x+1) for small x, and of xy-1 for x near 1 or small y
  • Trigonometric functions SEC & CSC and inverse functions ACOT, ACSC, ASEC
  • Hyperbolic functions COSH, SINH, TANH, SECH, CSCH, COTH and inverses ACOSH, ASINH etc
  • Conversion of numbers up to 9,999,999 into Roman numerals
  • Matrix type: n x m matrices that can be stored in tables & local variables
  • Aggregate constructor (table to matrix) & table-valued serializer (matrix to table) for matrices
  • Add, subtract, multiply & compare matrices.Swap rows & columns, scale matrix, scale row, scale column, transpose, clone matrix
  • Read and set individual matrix elements, return row & column counts
  • Find determinant, inverse and reduced-row echelon form for matrices

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Functions included in SQLMath.

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