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WiseMo Remote Guest Component V9.6 lets you remote control PCs and Mobiles from your Windows and Web applications.
October 13, 2011 - 9:58
Press Release

WiseMo Remote Guest Component allows you to remote control mobile devices and PCs from your Windows or Web application. Using the Remote Guest component you can easily connect to remote PCs or Mobile devices equipped with a WiseMo Host module. Once connected, you drive the look and feel and which features to use. For example, you can show the remote PCs screen or just part of it inside your application, control tasks and services, manage the registry, perform text chat and much more.


Using WiseMo Remote Guest Component your Windows application or Web browser application can easily connect to remote PCs or Mobile devices equipped with WiseMo's "Host" module. The Guest Component offers a variety of communication methods, including advanced firewall transparent communication technology for hassle free connectivity. WiseMo Remote Guest Component provides a very rich API for developers to implement similar functionality as the standard WiseMo RSM Guest, but adapted precisely to their liking and needs. Sample demo programs and source code are included so you can get started quickly.


  • User interface - as the API is a component, the user interface is entirely up to you, thus giving you 100% design flexibility
  • Communication protocols - the component communicates with Hosts using TCP, UDP, HTTP or WiseMo's unique myCloud technology for transparent connection through firewalls and proxies
  • Full Screen or region - pick a specific remote monitor or just a region of the remote screen to be transferred to your application, for example during a remote support session or monitoring job
  • Keyboard and mouse control - full control of remote keyboard and mouse
  • Chat - text based chat sessions possible with remote user, also simultaneously with for example a remote control session, allowing for more efficient problem resolution
  • Remote Management - manage remote Disk Drives, Event log, Task Manager, Registry, Services, Shared Folders, Command Console and System Control without interrupting the user
  • Advanced Skin support - use the database of mobile skins or submit your own skins. Provides stunning user interface experiences when working on remote Smartphones, CE devices or similar. The "Skin" shows the remote screen inside a picture of the remote device, and even permits pressing keys on the remote screen by using the mouse / keyboard directly on the skin picture
  • Strong security - the component supports the strong range of authentication and authorization schemes provided by the WiseMo RSM Hosts. This includes up to 256 bit encryption and full support for use of the WiseMo Security Server for centralized control of Security settings
  • Browser and platform support - Windows applications, Internet Explorer browsers and Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera browsers on Windows supported through ActiveX / NPAPI components. The Browser Components are site-locked, thus configured to run on specific URLs, determined by you
  • Sample web page and application - demo program and source code illustrates how to setup and use the component from within your own applications

About WiseMo

WiseMo staff pioneered the field of fast and secure remote control software, (Dos, OS/2 and Windows), and today excel in remote control software for remote support and management of PCs, Servers, Smartphones/Handheld devices and Embedded CPUs. Their shrink wrapped remote control software works cross platform, e.g. PC to Smartphone, PC to PC or Smartphone to PC. To add further value to customers' software applications and solutions, WiseMo also deliver remote control technology as components.

Remotely control PCs and Mobile devices with WiseMo Remote Guest Component.

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