Flexmonster introduces web-based pivots and charts

Powerful reporting and visualization of business data through OLAP.
November 03, 2011 - 12:58
Press Release

Flexmonster Pivot Table & Chart Component is a web-based component for providing full pivot table and chart functionality. It's easy-to-use, fast and works with large data volumes (up to 100Mb). Flexmonster Pivot Table & Charts loads data from SQL databases, OLAP cubes or CSV sheets. It supports Mondrian and Microsoft OLAP, has an advanced JavaScript and Flex API and is fully customizable. Simply copy the SWF files to your server for a hassle free installation.


  • Pivot Table - Hierarchical data display and grouping helps you to create interactive pivot tables and charts reports for web and Flex applications.
  • Pivot Charts - Interactive drillable pivot charts provide an alternative, interactive way to visualize data. Charts are easily understood and have convenient tooltips and legend information.
  • Compose Report Layout - Select which dimensions and values to show. Users can easily change a report's layout visually and examine data from different perspectives. Composing the report is as easy as dragging and dropping rows and columns.
  • Analyze Data - Filter, sorting, drill-down and top records provide Excel-like features which give users a familiar interface.
  • Export and Print - Export to PDF, Excel, HTML, CSV and images.
  • SQL/CSV database - Gets data from SQL database or CSV sheets. Connect to any database e.g. MS SQL, MySQL, Oracle or PostgreSQL using simple script generating CSV output to enable real-time business analysis.
  • OLAP/XMLA - Visualize data from OLAP via XMLA (MS Analysis Services or Pentaho Mondrian). Connect to OLAP cubes via XMLA protocol.
  • Manage Views - Save and navigate report views. Users can work with a predefined set of reports or create and save their own reports.
  • Easily embed into your web application - insert the Flash object (SWF) into various web page formats including HTML, ASP, PHP, ASP.NET, JSP, ColdFusion, Ruby on Rails or JavaScript.
  • Easily embed into Flex application as SWC component - The component is compatible with Flex SDK 3.x and later.
  • Customizable - Control skins with CSS and API. Adds smart analysis features like filtering, drill-down, report export, zoom and styles which you can control and customize with configuration of the report and powerful API.
  • Fast - Optimized for huge data sets for smooth browsing and scrolling really long reports. It is thoroughly tested to work with up to 100MB data files and huge OLAP cubes.
  • Cross-browser Support - Component works in any web-browser with Flash player installed- requires Adobe Flash Player 10 or higher.

About Flexmonster

Flexmonster deliver pivot table and chart components using Flex and feature additional powerful reporting and visualization capabilities. Their interactive pivot table and chart component allows you to expose business intelligence data in any desired representation for the web and includes multi-dimensional data visualization, advanced reporting, interactive drill-down and data analysis. The component can be easily integrated into any Flex application, website or intranet.

Sample OLAP pivot table from Pivot Table & Chart Component.

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