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sgCore includes numerous functions for 3D and 2D modeling with algorithms for creating and editing elaborate objects.
January 26, 2012 - 12:33
Press Release

sgCore is a solid-state modeling C++/C# library designed for engineers and programmers who need to model 3D shapes. The API includes a number of functions to create complex objects and manipulate them. The sgCore library is a cross-platform library with support for Windows and Mac operating systems.


  • Create 2D primitives in a 3D space - points, circles, arcs, splines and contours
  • Create equidistant 2D objects with various shifts and rounding angles
  • Create 3D primitives - spheres, boxes, cones, cylinders, toruses, ellipsoids and spherical bands
  • Supports both 3D solids and surfaces
  • Create groups of objects
  • Calculate UV texture coordinates for each polygon vertex using cubic, spherical and cylindric methods of textures mapping
  • 3D polygonal objects triangulation
  • Boolean operations with objects - intersection, joining and subtraction
  • Find intersection lines
  • Find clips by arbitrary planes
  • Construct solids and surfaces
  • Construct spiral solids and surfaces
  • Construct solids and surfaces from their clips
  • Construct flat faces with holes on boundary contours
  • Create solids by surfaces sewing
  • Find the square and volume values of solid objects
  • Ray tracing engine
  • Load AutoCAD SHX fonts
  • Create text objects
  • Create dimensional objects (distant, radial, diametrical, angle)
  • Save objects in user-defined formats
  • Load objects from a file
  • DXF and STL import/export
  • .NET wrapper for sgCore and C# examples
  • 64-bit version of sgCore

About Geometros

Geometros was founded in 2001 and developed a solid-state modeling core and CAD system. The resulting software became the SolidGraph system and the geometrical core sgCore. At present the company consists of 10 people and they are constantly improving their products.

Ray Tracing sample from sgCore.

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