TestAdvantage for WPF released

Automated testing for WPF user interfaces.
March 01, 2012 - 11:41
Press Release
TestAdvantage for WPF released
Adjust test settings using TestAdvantage for WPF.

Infragistics TestAdvantage for WPF (for HP QuickTest Professional software) is a collection of custom libraries that enable automated and full regression testing of NetAdvantage for WPF user interfaces for both line of business and data visualization controls. Easily record and replay tests utilizing standard HP QuickTest Professional capabilities both with the record server and through standard HP scripting functionality.


Infragistics TestAdvantage for WPF enables quality assurance teams to automate testing of user interfaces in NetAdvantage for WPF applications. With a detailed knowledge of the NetAdvantage for WPF object model, TestAdvantage for WPF empowers quality assurance teams to effortlessly regression test an application's user interface. With HP QuickTest Professional and TestAdvantage for WPF together, quality assurance teams can now deploy higher-quality WPF applications faster, with less cost and risk.

  • Basic record and replay actions
  • Built-in CheckPoint support including Table view checkpoint
  • Data driven support
  • A number of Access methods to give tester a full access to the controls object model
  • Ability to change setting preferences like wait time, break on errors, etc.

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