Chedit released

Advanced charting for .NET applications.
April 23, 2012 - 14:05
Press Release

Chedit is a collection of .NET WinForms controls which provide advanced charting functionality. The components can be bound to a variety of data sources such as relational databases or C# and VB arrays. It gives you full control over appearance, by allowing you to fine tune the properties of axes, grids and labels. Chedit is fully optimized for .NET and may be used in Visual Studio 2003 or higher.


  • Chart Building - Create charts using data points which can be adjusted by end users
  • Compatible with MEEL - Chedit is fully compatible with Math Expression Editor Light (MEEL)
  • Flexible Chart Modelling - The appearance of the user interface can be changed using the appropriate property
  • High Speed - Chedit won`t slow down your application
  • Design-Time Modeling - The design-time wiizard allows you to create complex charts without writing any code

About OtherControls

OtherControls specializes in the development of business components for the .NET platform. They develop software components including an exclusive development of components to order. Their key areas are: graphic components, mathematical systems, neural networks, etc. OtherControls headquarters are based in Minsk, Belarus.

Charts created using Chedit.

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