Kellerman .NET Email Validation Library released

Validate email addresses automatically.
May 02, 2012 - 9:53
Press Release

Kellerman .NET Email Validation Library eliminates bad email addresses from your applications. It performs syntax checking, mxRecord (Mail Exchange Record) lookups, and mailbox verification using multiple threads asynchronously. It detects mail servers that implement grey listings, servers that are blocking your mail server and disposable and free email addresses. It supports all .NET project types including Winforms, ASP.NET, and Web Services and supports all .NET languages including VB.NET and C#.


  • Industry Standard Checking - Supports RFC 821 syntax checking of email addresses, MxRecord (Mail Exchange Record) lookup, and Mailbox account checking via SMTP
  • Simple to Use - Validate an email, or a list of hundreds of thousands of emails, with a single line of code
  • Fake Email Pattern Matcher - Recognize thousands of bogus email addresses
  • Disposable Email Addresses - Recognize thousands of disposable email domains such as, and
  • Free Email Addresses - Recognize thousands of free email domains such as, and
  • Detects Greylisting - When grey listing is in place, a mail box check cannot be performed. The .NET Email Validation Library detects grey listing to verify the address at a later time
  • Detects Blocking - Detect when your mail server or IP Address is being blocked by anti-spam software
  • Royalty Free Distribution - Include with any .NET project royalty free

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Validate email addresses.

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