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May 02, 2012 - 9:56
Press Release

Modeliosoft Solutions are for developers, designers and architects wishing to model software applications. Based on a robust, stable and open source platform, it increases efficiency and improves code quality through time-saving features, including support of code generation and reverse engineering, UML and BPMN modeling. The following editions are available:


  • Integrated to Subversion
  • Distributed team cooperation via the Internet or using local networks
  • Safe locking mechanism guaranteeing the permanent consistency of the shared repository
  • Work offline, with periodical connections and synchronizations
  • Enable the addition of local sub-models without checking out
  • Centralized administration
  • Centralized synchronization of tool customizations and model libraries
  • Efficient team cooperation support, no team or model size limitations
  • Team process support: management of the delivery and versioning process
  • Management of distributed model consistency
  • Management of model branch versions with the possibility of model diff/merges
  • Network failures or computer crashes will not corrupt transactions or prevent you from modeling
  • Fine check in/checkout and configuration units
  • Model-driven document generation
  • Generation in Open XML (MS Word), HTML or Libre Office formats
  • Model-docx synchronization through round-trip facility
  • Large set of "off the shelf" document templates, covering the entire lifecycle
  • Document assembly mechanism
  • Hypertext links between elements, and from diagram contents to elements
  • Inclusion of any kind of external element in the document
  • Document property management
  • Documentation creation wizards
  • Parameterizable stylesheet using MS-Word features or CSS documents
  • Document template editor to define dedicated types of document templates

About Modeliosoft

Based in Paris, France, Modeliosoft distributes solutions for enterprises based on the Modelio modeling tool, and provides training and consulting in EA, BPM, IS, software modeling and MDA tool customization. Its international support team and network of partners can help make a project successful throughout the world.

Model software applications.

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