Interactive Grid for iOS applications

Transform data sets into customizable, interactive displays.
May 02, 2012 - 9:56
Press Release

ShinobiGrids is a data presentation component for iPad and iPhone apps. Easily add grids capable of handling large datasets in seconds. It includes a fully extensible API for customizing the layout which means grids can be styled to fit your application's look. ShinobiGrids is also available as part of ShinobiControls Suite.


  • Stunning grids in seconds
  • Handles 250,000+ cells in real time
  • Intuitive gestures for manipulation
  • Fully extensible API for customizing layout
  • Comprehensive suite of examples
  • Multiple built-in cell types
  • Interact with your data
  • Smooth handling of massive data sets
  • Fully customizable styling

About ShinobiControls

ShinobiControls create interactive UI controls to help iOS developers create apps for business. All their controls were built with both the developer and the end user in mind so they have a clear and logical API, alongside an engaging level of interaction that users expect from Apple devices. The companies overall aim is to reduce the time, cost and effort involved in developing data-driven business apps.

A grid created with ShinobiGrids.

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