Kribi 3D launched

A complete platform for building interactive 3D content.
May 10, 2012 - 10:55
Press Release

Kribi 3D is a powerful development platform for enhancing Web-based and Desktop applications with 3D interactive rendering technologies, for a wide range of application scenarios that users require in business and industry. All professional 3D interactive graphic applications, from the simple presentation of a product to the most complex industrial assembly scenes, require the highest visual quality and high performance. The Kribi 3D Engine is close to high-end 3D photorealistic rendering software, with an incredible rendering speed.


Kribi 3D is a development environment for easily creating and integrating 3D rendering technologies in highly interactive Web or Desktop applications.

Built upon the Kribi 3D Rendering Engine; designed for advanced interactive applications made up of a large number of elements, immediately appreciate fast rendering speeds while maintaining the highest image quality.

Kribi 3D Playeris a free plug-in which embeds the Kribi 3D Rendering Engine that allows the execution of interactive 3D content. Perfectly integrated in the development of Web and Desktop applications, Kribi 3D provides a wide range of functions and parameters designed to facilitate and maximize the productivity of Web Designers and Programmers, without the use of special skills in 3D geometry.

Kribi 3D Designer is an easy to use tool that allows you to create 3D interactive content quickly and easily. Develop a wide range of applications that use the Kribi 3D Player. The designer incorporates an easy user interface which enables even non experienced users of 3D, to import items from major file formats, to add or modify any object, material or light to create complex assemblies, and set interactive behaviors with just a few clicks.

Kribi 3D is available in 2 Editions - Standard and Professional

  • Kribi 3D 2.0 Standard Edition: is the ideal solution for building 3D product advertising, interactive catalogs and immersive walkthrough Web sites.
  • Kribi 3D 2.0 Professional Edition: is a full featured tool for developing fully interactive 3D Web and Desktop applications.

About Inartis Systems

Inartis SA is a pioneer in the development and distribution of technologies for 3D real-time visualization purely based on software. Nowadays these technologies, known as Kribi 3D, have quickly found their use in the development of a variety of applications. Inartis SA was founded in 2001, incorporating the software research company Adept Development, to create innovative technology and tools to help software development teams bring users new interactive experiences in both web and desktop applications.

A sample 3D design.

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