DC Application Protector released

Protect your Windows executable trial versions.
July 12, 2012 - 10:33
Press Release

DC Application Protector allows you to protect trial versions of your software against piracy, without coding. DC Application Protector comes with an easy-to-use interface, excellent security features and is straight forward to deploy. Easily set your free trial duration, customize dialog box messages and add URL links to your website's purchase page.


  • Prevent Duplication - With AppProtector, you can easily set your free trial duration, customize dialog box messages, and add URL links to your website's purchase page.
  • Highly Secure - AppProtecor uses Nested Layer Protection (NLP) technology. NLP allows you to set several levels of encryption algorithm, making it close to impossible even for the best hackers to access your system.
  • Easy Setup and Installation - AppProtector takes only minutes to set up. In your software's initialization stage (load event), determine your parameters - set your company name, your product's download page, algorithms, license and author. There's no need to code in everything - just fill out the required fields and AppProtector will set it all up for you.
  • Encryption Algorithms - DC.AppProtecor has 3 levels of encryption algorithm. if you develop more than one product and protect them all with DC.AppProtector, then every product must have a unique combination of encryption algorithms.
  • Activation Keys - The SetProductKeys function makes activation keys valid for any number of products by adding a fingerprint for each combination of company, product and version.

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