Visible Analyst released

Strategic planning, business process modeling (BPMN) and UML modeling in a single tool.
September 14, 2012 - 18:24
Press Release

Visible Analyst stores and documents data, processes, business requirements and objects that can be shared by developers throughout an organization. Easily design and control enterprise software for quality, consistency and reusability in business applications through the managed sharing of meta-data.


  • Combines Data, Process and Object Modeling - Visible Analyst is an integrated application development tool that supports all of the most widely used analysis and design techniques
  • Extensible Repository - Add new attributes, objects, and relationships to the Visible Analyst repository. You can also extend the definition of standard repository objects giving you the power to define your own corporate meta data
  • Reverse Engineer Legacy Databases - Complete, robust reverse-engineering process
  • Generation - Generate scripts or DDL schemas in many development environments, languages, and DBMS's
  • Collaborative Team Development Environment - Authorized users can access the repository at any time to manually add, modify, or delete objects or review entries and relationships
  • Ensures Model Consistency, Integrity and Quality - Customizable analysis routines detect missing or conflicting information
  • Comprehensive Reporting - Reports are user customizable, and the customized report may be saved for later reuse
  • Multi-Level Design - Visible Analyst supports data modeling at three levels: conceptual modeling, logical data modeling, and physical database design
  • Generate Business Applications From Your Data Model - Data models are transferred to Visible Developer where business objects are designed from tables, fields and relationships
  • Features for Power Users - IntelliViews technology allows you to develop database view specifications as you are data modeling, tracking name changes to every location and formula in which they are used, eliminating errors

About Visible Systems

Visible Systems is an IT company specializing in framework-based software engineering throughout the enterprise. Visible Systems history predates that of the PC, Windows and even DOS. It was the first in the modern software engineering world to recognize the need for a software documentation system that would allow its clients to document their information systems electronically.

A model created using Visible Analyst.

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