Mindscape Phone Elements released

Quickly create Windows Phone applications with 30+ controls.
April 08, 2013 - 9:12
Press Release

Mindscape Phone Elements is a comprehensive suite of Windows Phone 7 controls including a gesture library and powerful charting capabilities. The controls are tuned with performance in mind so your applications are lightening fast.


  • Date Picker - Make working with date objects easy while ensuring your application looks great.
  • Dock Panel - This layout panel helps you position application elements in various ways.
  • Looping List Box - Users can quickly spin through looping data to select an item.
  • Time Picker - With smooth animations and a simple user interface, its easy for users to manage time objects.
  • Charting - Display data in your applications using 14 different chart types.

About Mindscape

Mindscape is a software development tools company that produces leading edge components for .NET developers. They focus on delivering tools that make developers more productive and aid in creating robust and beautiful applications for their customers.

Controls included in Mindscape Phone Elements.

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