Gridmetric Lib-V released

Powerful App-V Package SDK for your own applications.
October 22, 2014 - 10:43
Press Release

Gridmetric Lib-V is a .NET library that gives your application the ability to read or write Microsoft App-V packages. You can decode, process, update and re-encode existing App-V packages as well as create completely new packages, with the content and virtualization parameters you want. Gridmetric Lib-V supports all known App-V package versions.


  • Add true App-V support to your own products.
  • Create an in-house builder of App-V packages.
  • Encodes and decodes all known SFT and APPV file versions.
  • Serializes and deserializes all known OSD, SPRJ, XML Manifest and App-V package MSI files.
  • Serializes and deserializes all known Dynamic User and Deployment Configuration files.
  • Comprehensive encoding control over package parameters
  • Access to SFT and APPV package's internal data and its virtual environment.
  • Access to OSD, SPRJ, XML Manifest and App-V package MSI's properties and elements in object-oriented fashion.

About Gridmetric 

Established in 2009 and privately held, Gridmetric helps organizations make better use of their virtualization solutions, through its value-add products, training and consultancy services. Gridmetric's customers include public organizations and companies ranging from Small and Medium Businesses to large Enterprises, in industries such as financial services, healthcare, education, IT and manufacturing.

Process App-V files using Gridmetric Lib-V.

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