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June 08, 2015 - 0:00
Press Release

JSONBuddy lets you create and modify JSON content or JSON Schema files including well-formed checking, intelligent auto-completion, pretty-printing, whitespace removal and JSON Schema validation. A grid style editor gives an additional overview of the JSON content and allows quick collapsing and expanding to set the focus on the JSON parts you are interested in. By using a grid style editor, even users who are not familiar with the JSON format are able to create and edit complex JSON content.


  • Complete JSON grid-style editor for Windows to create error-free JSON with ease.
  • Intelligent auto-completion (Intellisense).
  • JSON syntax checking and JSON Schema validation.
  • JSON Pointer evaluation.
  • Convert between JSON and XML.
  • Import CSV text and get JSON.

About xml-buddy.com

xml-buddy.com was established in 2010 to develop and market software for XML and JSON. They use mature, open-source libraries to keep their tools compliant to XML and JSON standards and compatible with existing workflows.

Check for correct JSON syntax.

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