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September 11, 2015 - 0:00
Press Release

ComponentSource is delighted to announce the availability of the rapidly expanding CData Software product range on a worldwide basis. CData Software products provide di-directional access to live App, database, and Web API data through standard drivers - including Salesforce and Supported technologies include: ADO.NET, Java JDBC, ODBC, Cloud, Mobile, Excel Add-Ins, BizTalk Adapters, and SQL SSIS Components.

Using the CData drivers you can access data from: Microsoft Azure Table, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Amazon DynamoDB, Eloqua, Email, Exact Online, Microsoft Excel Services, Facebook, Google Analytics, Google Apps, Gmail, HubSpot, NetSuite CRM and ERP, OData, OFX, Oracle, PowerShell, QuickBooks, QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks POS, RSS, Salesforce, SAP, Microsoft SharePoint, Amazon SimpleDB, Microsoft SQL Server, SQLite, Twitter and Xero.

The product range is being added to on a continuous basis - so keep an eye on our Web site for new CData product announcements over the coming months!

About CData Software

CData Software is a leading provider of data access and connectivity solutions. They specialize in the development of Drivers and data access technologies for real-time access to on-line or on-premise applications, databases and Web APIs. Their drivers are universally accessible, providing access to data through established data standards and application platforms such as ODBC, JDBC, ADO.NET, OData, SSIS, BizTalk and Excel.

Easily Access Live Salesforce and Data from BI, Analytics, Reporting, ETL and Custom Apps.

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