Xamarin Test Cloud released

Find bugs before your users do on over 1,000 devices in the cloud.
October 07, 2015 - 0:00
Press Release

Xamarin Test Cloud allows you to test your app on hundreds of mobile devices. Find bugs before you ship with automated tests running on the devices your customers use. You can test everything your users can do, from pinching and swiping to double-tapping and scrolling. Find performance problems on any OS automatically with step-by step memory and performance tracking. Beautiful reports make it easy to know when you’re ready for launch.


  • Automate your app using the Xamarin testing framework.
  • Upload your test suite and run it on hundreds of real devices in the cloud.
  • Receive a detailed report with results, screenshots and performance metrics.
  • Perform tap, double-tap, swipe, rotate, pan, long press, and pinch.
  • Build custom gestures programmatically for advanced interactions.
  • Query UI elements, app models, and even backend servers via public or private endpoints.
  • Use CSS selectors to query interface elements in hybrid apps.
  • Write tests in C# or Ruby with Cucumber.
  • Use Xamarin Studio and Visual Studio for C# tests.
  • Integrate with standard NUnit test runners.
  • Share code for cross-platform tests between iOS and Android.

About Xamarin

Xamarin was founded in May 2011 in Boston, Massachusetts. They produce software development tools that make it fast, easy and fun to build great mobile applications. Xamarin is composed of more than 20 members of the team that built Mono, with 10 years of experience working together to create a great developer platform.

Test apps on a collection of real devices.

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