About 5nine Cloud Manager

Simplify Hyper-V Management, Monitoring and Capacity Planning with a Powerful and Easy-to-use GUI

5nine Manager Datacenter is an easy-to-use and cost-effective management solution for Microsoft Hyper-V. It provides most of the features of Microsoft System Center VMM that SMBs need for everyday Hyper-V management. Get a user-friendly management GUI for Windows Server Core and Microsoft Hyper-V Server, manage different Hyper-V versions from a single console and increase flexibility with VM Replication Support.

5nine Manager Standard Edition

  • Dramatically simplify and save money on Hyper-V management, monitoring and capacity planning.
  • Get a user-friendly management GUI for Windows Server Core, Nano Server and Microsoft Hyper-V Server.
  • Manage different Hyper-V versions from a single console.
  • Improve resource usage with Dynamic Optimization.

5nine Manager is a centralized, GUI-based management and monitoring solution for Microsoft Hyper-V, including Server Core and Nano Server. Its easy-to-use interface, powerful feature set and lightweight implementation simplify the process of managing and configuring virtualized environments.

5nine Manager with Antivirus also provides non-invasive security protection with the fastest scans in the industry. Now Hyper-V administrators have access to the management and security features they need, without any complexity.

  • Cost-effective management for Hyper-V environments of all sizes
  • Advanced management capabilities that your organization needs
  • Centralized management and monitoring for all of your virtualized resources
  • Protect your virtual machines with the leading antivirus solution for Hyper-V
  • Easy-to-use, intuitive design for new and experienced Hyper-V admins

The 5nine Manager Datacenter Edition extends functionality with features for:

  • Disaster Recovery.
    • Configurable Backup Compression and Encryption.
    • Full and Incremental VM Backups with Change Block Tracking.
    • Scheduled Jobs.
    • VM Restores.
    • Manage Backup Retention Policies.
    • Support for SMB Share.
    • Azure Backup and Recovery.
  • Multitenancy and RBAC:
    • Create User and Tenants Wizard.
    • Associate Manageable Objects to Tenants.
    • Associate Permission to Roles.
    • Admin, Tenant and User Views.
  • Scaling for Distributed and Large Environments.
  • Server Network Controller Support (SDN).
  • Local View Grouping.
  • Storage File Explorer.
  • VM Replication Failover Testing.
  • Extend Replication.
  • Virtualization Resource Monitoring with Event Log Email Alerts.