About 5nine Cloud Security

The security and compliance solution for Hyper-V and Azure Pack.

5nine Cloud Security is a an agentless complete security and compliance solution built specifically for Microsoft Cloud OS and Hyper-V, utilizing the extensibility of Hyper-V switch. It allows users to secure multi-tenant Hyper-V environments and provide VM isolation, protect Hyper-V with patent-pending agentless antivirus, enforce security compliance and more.

Multi-layered protection is provided, with an integrated firewall, antivirus and Intrusion Detection System (IDS). The agentless firewall ensures complete traffic control and isolation between VMs. The antivirus performs incremental scans up to 70 times faster with patent-pending technologies, and IDS proactively detects malicious attacks.


  • Secure multi-tenant Hyper-V environment - Whether you are a hosting provider or a business, rest assured that multiple tenants in your virtual network have access to all required resources, all while being absolutely isolated and protected from each other.
  • Provide Hyper-V VM isolation - With the Hyper-V environment, the system faces new types of security threats. 5nine Cloud Security allows you to protect your virtual machines from any internal and/or external network security breach.
  • Protect Hyper-V with patent-pending agentless antivirus - 5nine Cloud Security provides unique patent-pending agentless antivirus technology for Hyper-V that allows saving CPU resources and increasing VM density by up to 30%. As a result, it leads to a reduction of capital expenditure on physical infrastructure.
  • Enforce Hyper-V compliance - 5nine Cloud Security will provide the required level of protection for all Hyper-V networks in order to be compliant with security standards.
  • Helps to enforce security compliance standards.
  • VM separation/segmentation.
  • Support of multi-tenancy in workgroup/mixed environments.
  • NVGRE and VM Security Groups support.
  • Patent-pending agentless, host-based antivirus and antimalware scheduled scans running 70x faster than competitors.
  • Disaster recovery sites support (real-time replication of security settings, virtual firewall rules, antivirus schedules and parameters to disaster recovery sites).
  • Centralized management console or System Center VMM Plugin.
  • Granular User / Role - level access control.
  • With patent-pending agentless protection built specifically for Microsoft Hyper-V, 5nine Cloud Security installs only once per host (rather than once per virtual machine).
  • Supports any guest OS supported by Windows Hyper-V (CentOS, RHEL, etc.) - not just Windows environments.
  • Syslog, SIEM Splunk support.


  • New Analytics and Alerting for Network Traffic Anomalies - Detect a variety of threats from suspicious network behavior and other advanced threats. 5nine Cloud Security will create a baseline of normal network traffic patterns for your virtualized environment, then when it identifies an anomaly it will alert the administrator that a threat could be present.
  • Protect Against New Types of Security & Spoofing Attacks - Ensure that information coming into the system has not been tampered with in any form on its way using error-checking code and control communication between VMs. 5nine Cloud Security has enhanced its own security once again by checking that its own security reporting data is not being spoofed.
  • Enhanced Firewall Protection with IP Address Matching - Increase your protection with the new IP address matching option to identify a specific server in the filtering rules.
  • Automate & Schedule Firewall Rules - Increase control over your system and it’s settings by specifying firewall rule timeframes. Use rules and scheduling tools to define, filter, and tune VM access.
  • Improved Datacenter Integration through Flexible Frame Size Support - Manage and specify any custom frame type for traffic rules. Avoid blocking service packets from communicating with network hardware by making those properly defined and preconfigured within the system.
  • Monitor the Availability of 5nine Cloud Security Components - Feel assured that specific 5nine Cloud Security services are available and healthy with the new host state monitoring capabilities. Now admins can see the current state of the components from the console and can review the history of changes in state for a specific host without the need to manually check each service.
  • Windows 10 Support - Continued VDI support and agentless protection for VMs running the latest Microsoft client operating system.
  • Agentless Antivirus and Antimalware Scanner and Job Scheduler - Schedule individual or recurring antivirus jobs with the new job-based AV schedule. Make administration even easier by receiving regular email reports summarizing these scanning results. Improve security and protection of your business by eliminating 24/7 human maintenance.
  • Enhanced Auditing Capabilities - Audit internal events made by Cloud Security and stay confident that changes that happen in your dynamic virtual infrastructure are logged. If something fails, you can immediately find out the moment, place and root cause of the issue.
  • Network Traffic Statistics - Increase the security level of your business and data by better understanding the performance of your Hyper-V infrastructure to quickly identify anomalies. By identifying a traffic anomaly and isolating the threat at an early stage, you can save your datacenter. Track historical data and export the information to Excel, Word or PDF formats.
  • Real-Time Agentless Antivirus & Malware Detection - Protect your virtual machines with new, real-time antivirus scans on a Virtual Switch Level. By matching the traffic patterns to signatures provided by industry-leaders Kaspersky or ThreatTrack, as soon as a virtual machine receives a virus or malware file via the HTTP protocol, system administrators will get an instant email alert so they can perform the necessary remediation actions.
  • Enhanced Traffic Filtering, Logging & Notifications - Utilize support for IP NoSPI, ICMP extended parameters, VLAN tagging, L2 protocols rules, SPI packet logging, IDS and agentless web anti-malware notifications.
  • Security as a Service with the new Azure Pack Extension - Support Azure Pack with the brand new security solution that enables tenants to manage virtual firewall configurations and intrusion detection (IDS) to protect their virtual machines. Allows hosting providers to guarantee higher levels of business continuity and reliability by offering Security as a Service. 5nine Cloud Security WAP Extension is now only available as a Preview.
  • Integrated System Center VMM Management - Meet new network and switch compliance plug-in for Virtual Machine Manager. It integrates fully with the Virtual Machine Manager Management Console to provide real-time, agentless protection of the virtualized servers, networks, storage and business critical applications for over 15,000 5nine Software customers.