About Active Query Builder for .NET All-in-one

Build complex SQL queries via an intuitive visual interface.

Active Query Builder for .NET is a visual query designer, SQL parser and editor component for WinForms and ASP.NET (Compatible with ASPX and Razor view engines, it supports MVC with partial views and Bootstrap). It provides end-users with a highly productive environment for working with SQL queries; displaying relevant metadata for the user, visual query building, SQL text editor with syntax highlighting, IntelliSense and many other options. Active Query Builder is an essential assistant to working with data: entering of query parameter values, previewing of sub-query results, applying filters, sorting and grouping to result datasets and computing of totals. It has a powerful API to work with queries: SQL query parsing and analysis, limit access to tables and fields, or even to specific data records, programmatic correction and creation of new SQL queries. Active Query Builder supports a variety of SQL language dialects: Oracle, SQL Server, MS Access, MySQL, PostgreSQL, InterBase, Firebird, DB2, Informix, Sybase, SQLite, Advantage DB, Teradata, Netezza, and standard ANSI SQL/92, 89 and 2003 SQL syntax. It supports latest versions of most popular database servers.

Common product information about Active Query Builder

  • Completely visual building of complex SQL queries.
  • MS-Access style and SQL Server style interface.
  • User-friendly interface with drag & drop support.
  • Powerful means of working with parameters.
  • Working in offline mode, storing metadata in XML files.
  • Delicate handling of user queries.
  • Sophisticated SQL parser.
  • SQL Server, Access, Oracle, MySQL and ANSI SQL/92 dialects support.
  • VistaDB desktop database support.
  • SQL Formatter.

Integration with C#, VB.NET built applications is achieved by setting a few properties or adding a few lines of code.
The component may be integrated into your .NET application with just a few lines of code. Unlike many other .NET query building solutions, Active Query Builder for .NET does not force the programmer to use the embedded data grid, SQL editor or anything else. Instead, it allows you to integrate any accompanying tools into your application as quickly and easily as possible.

Full access to internal query representation objects.
Active Query Builder gives you full control over the SQL query - you can easily navigate it using the internal query builder objects tree that represents all parts of the SQL query. Also you can edit existing queries or create new SQL queries using these objects in run-time.

ADO.NET and generic event driven driver.
We are planning to create metadata providers for all popular database connectivity components but, of course, we cannot cover them all. Thus we created the generic event-driven metadata provider. You can use it to provide metadata information from any data source. It's quite simple and has just a few events to implement. Using the generic event-driven metadata provider you can work disconnected providing all necessary metadata information by yourself. (Generic event-driven metadata provider will be available on release)

.NET Windows Forms Visual Query Builder
Active Query Builder .NET WinForms Edition
is a visual query builder component suite that allows your end-users to build SQL queries via an intuitive visual interface. It's powerful API allows to parse complex SQL queries for programmatic analysis and modification.

Active Query Builder ASP.NET
Active Query Builder ASP.NET Edition
is designed for the ASP.NET environment and provides native and easy way to embed visual query building functionality into your ASP.NET projects. Active Query Builder ASP.NET Edition is based on Active Query Builder .NET (Windows Forms) Edition. Utilizing the same powerful SQL parsing engine, it's end-user web interface has much in common with the ancestor.

With Active Query Builder ASP.NET Edition you can parse, analyze and get access to internal query representation objects at the server side. At the client side, it provides powerful and easy-to-use interface with ability to combine visual query building process with direct SQL text editing to build complex SQL queries for the most of popular SQL dialects.

The client side of Active Query Builder ASP.NET Edition is written in pure HTML+CSS to separate web page layout from the content for a quicker, efficient, and easier redesign. Built with standard jQuery framework, Active Query Builder ASP.NET Edition heavily utilizes AJAX technology to provide rich interactivity through the advent of asynchronous HTTP requests that do not require page refreshes to return responses from a server-side. Active Query Builder ASP.NET Edition takes extremely low amount of web traffic and achieves high throughput performance by minimizing all network packets (using light-weight libraries, code packing, on-the-fly compression and JSON data formatting).