What's New in ActiveAnalysis

What’s new in ActiveAnalysis 2.1?

  • Export your analysis results to PDF optionally using its security features - Now you can offer portable document format to your users, complete with encryption, permissions, page layout, and printing options. Developers can even add watermarks, set 128 bit encryption, and control how the Adobe Acrobat Reader appears when the document opens.
  • Schema editor - Visually edit or create new schemas with Undo functionality that lets you experiment more boldly. You can view query fields and schema fields in panes and double-click them to see their properties, and drag and drop them into expression boxes to ease calculated field creation.
  • Four new aggregate functions - With four new aggregate functions, we now offer over twenty ways to aggregate data in your schemas. The new functions are AggregateIf, DistinctSum, Median, and Mode.
  • Support for analysis in Windows Azure in full and partial trust mode - Now you can use the Web or Silverlight PivotView in the cloud without requiring full trust. Some controls have at least some limitations in partial trust, but ActiveAnalysis just works.
  • Show and hide cubes in the cubes list - Use the new SetCubeFilter method to select which cubes your users can access.
  • Support for custom controls to show underlying data - When your users right-click data and opt to show the underlying data, you can now control exactly how that data is presented. You can leave it in the included grid, or send the data to a custom or third-party control.
  • Improved custom toolbar support - For even more control over what your users see, you can customize the toolbar, adding new buttons and removing parts of the existing toolbar, or even adding buttons from the toolbar to your own.

What’s new in ActiveAnalysis 2 (formerly Data Dynamics Analysis)?

  • Export your analysis results to an Excel document so you can easily share your findings with others - ActiveAnalysis now lets you export the data in your current view to an Excel document so you can integrate your current analysis view with existing spreadsheets and take it offline.
  • Microsoft Silverlight support allows you to deliver Windows-like functionality in Rich Internet Applications (RIAs) - The new ActiveAnalysis 2 includes a Silverlight control that enables a Web-based cross-browser, drag-and-drop analysis experience similar to what you would expect to find in a Windows application.
  • Uncover trends more easily with a continuous view of discrete data - ActiveAnalysis lets you display numeric and date type attributes in a continuous view, allowing you to see gaps that exist in between consecutive attributes and to display more data in less space.
  • ActiveAnalysis automatically selects the most appropriate visual format based on the current layout - ActiveAnalysis now automatically selects the most appropriate visual representation ("Encoding") depending on the data type and the visualization context.
  • Improved product documentation - ActiveAnalysis comes with improved product documentation to help you get the maximum benefit from the product.