About ActivePDF Toolkit Expansion Pack

PDF Server-based components.

ActivePDF Toolkit Expansion Pack expands the capabilities of ActivePDF Toolkit with the added features of Rasterizer, Xtractor and Spooler* – working together to create the ultimate PDF bundle. Quickly convert PDF files into standard image files, extract text and images, print to a physical printer*, and more. Toolkit Expansion Pack provides flexibility and high-powered automation to business workflow processes.

Convert PDF files into a single, flattened image.

Rasterizer makes it easy to quickly convert a PDF file into an image file, such as JPEG, TIFF, PNG, etc. When image or pixel-based files are required from PDF files for editing or printing, Rasterizer converts PDF files into a single, flattened image. Works together with Toolkit to create rasterized PDF files.

Rasterizer Feature List:

  • Annotations for output image files.
  • Set gamma correction and color inversion.
  • Set user defined image size.
  • Set scale factor and rotation of file.
  • Set quality of output image file.
  • Set dots per inch (DPI) of rendered page.
  • Error handling – error status.
  • Input Formats: PDF.
  • Output Options: BMP, JPEG, PNG, RGB (raw image data), TIFF.
  • load input and output as stream or physical file.

Search PDF at specific locations to retrieve/extract text and images including .png, .jpeg, tiff, or bmp.

Xtractor is a versatile server-based tool that finds and extracts text and images from PDF files, allowing users to archive, add to a database, and more. Extracted text and images can then be used to automate document workflow and enhance usability.

Xtractor Feature List:

  • Extract text by file or page.
  • Export results to file or array.
  • Scalable and flexible.
  • Multithread application for blazing fast performance.
  • In-memory processing for even faster performance.
  • Companion piece to ActivePDF Toolkit for extended PDF functionality.
  • Simple, straight-forward developer interface for programmatic utilization.
  • Search by location and Return text.
  • Search by text and Return Location.
  • Developer's Library.
  • Search by phrase and return adjacent text.
  • Count instances.
  • Find all.
  • Get Metadata.
  • Extract images by file or page.
  • Extract image by location.
  • Automate the extraction of information such as addresses, invoices and report data.
  • Capture data in flattened forms.
  • Transform PDF documents into text.
  • Process information for document classification and indexing.
  • Repurpose images.
  • Evaluate content and metadata.

Automate print PDF files to a physical file with N-Up printing support.

Spooler* prints PDF files to a physical printer, providing flexibility when printing PDF files through N-Up printing, which shrinks PDF files and prints two pages side-by-side on a single document. Print to scale and set print properties related to the printer and the generation of the PDF file. *Coming Soon.

Spooler Feature List

  • Open multiple PDF files and send to printer as a single job.
  • Set printing paper size (including custom size), orientation and scale.
  • Set print quality and color or monochrome output options.
  • Set duplex printing – simple, horizontal, vertical.
  • Generate PDF file at specific dots per inch (DPI).
  • Get job ID of submitted jobs.
  • Get status of job ID from Windows spooler.
  • Set print annotations.