About ActivePDF Toolkit Ultimate

Create, modify, view, extract, and automate data to and from PDF.

Toolkit Ultimate is an "All-in-One" Developer C# PDF Library, which includes all the great features in ActivePDF Toolkit, plus additional API technology to rasterize images, reduce PDF file sizes, redact sensitive data, search and extract data within PDF files, print PDF to paper, and much more.

ActivePDF Toolkit Ultimate is built on the same award-winning technology as ActivePDF Toolkit and includes new features to extract, rasterize, redact and print.

  • PDF to Image: Convert PDF files to JPEG, TIFF, PNG, BMP, and RGB. Control image output, such as image size, DPI, aspect ratio, and more.
  • Redaction Technology: Confidently remove and obscure sensitive data within PDF files. Redact specific words, images, pages, and more.
  • PDF Data Extraction: Search and extract text, images, and metadata from PDF files for automation, editing, indexing, and more.
  • PDF to Paper: Provides programmers the ability to print PDF documents on a specified printer with configurable printer settings.

ActivePDF Toolkit Ultimate PDF manipulation software features:

  • PDF Automation - On-demand PDF creation for single files or high-volume automation
  • Customized Control - Set stamps, bookmarks, page numbers, and customized printing.
  • PDF Security - Redact sensitive data, set passwords, watermark, and AES 256 encryption.
  • Digital Transformation - Full PDF compression, redaction, extraction, rasterization, and more.
  • Built for Business - Document assembly, extraction, digital signatures and more!
  • .NET and COM API Support - Integrate into your existing backend applications and processes.