ActiveReports.NET 16.1.3 Professional Edition - 1 Developer License - with Maintenance (all major and minor releases, with forum, email and phone support for one year)


Price Each: $ 2,067.52Manufacturer Part #: APN16MOur Part #: CS-532843-1331317

ActiveReports.NET 16.1.3 - Professional Edition - with Maintenance

Maintenance includes all major and minor releases, with forum, email and phone support for 1 year

1 Developer License


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1 License is required per Developer - The SOFTWARE is licensed to you on a Developer Seat License basis. Developer Seat License basis means that you may perform an installation of the SOFTWARE for use in designing, testing and creating Developed Software by a single Developer on one or more computers, each with a single set of input devices, so long as 1) such computer/computers is/are used only by one single Developer at any given time and not concurrently and, 2) the user is the primary User to whom the license has been granted. Conversely, you may not install or use the SOFTWARE on a computer that is a network server or a computer at which the SOFTWARE is used by more than one Developer. You may not network the SOFTWARE or any component part of it, where it is or may be used by more than one Developer unless you purchase an additional Development License for each Developer. You must purchase another separate license to the SOFTWARE in order to add additional developer seats, whether the additional developers are accessing the SOFTWARE in a stand-alone environment or on a computer network.

Applications created with ActiveReports can be distributed Run-Time Royalty free.

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