AddFlow for WinForms Standard Releases

Released: Jun 2, 2015

Updates in 2015 (3.0)

  • Pins - Create links from the pin of one node to the pin of another node.
  • Captions - A new type of object that allows you to display text or an image.
  • Orthognal Links - A new link line style.
  • Quadtree - AddFlow items are managed in a Quadtree data structure.

Released: Jul 6, 2011

Updates in 2.3.2

  • AddFlow for .NET is renamed as AddFlow for WinForms Standard
  • If the new property IsUnselectableItemHitable is set to true, then the unselectable items will be hitable and their tooltip will be displayed
  • All the dlls and samples have been created using the .NET Framework 4.0 Client profile

Released: Feb 23, 2011

Updates in 2.3.1

  • Recompiled with .NET Framework 4.0 Client Profile

Released: Oct 21, 2010

Updates in

  • The full product has been regenerated with VS2010 on a 64-bit machine
  • Bentley-Ottmann algorithm to quickly find the link intersections
  • Pan feature