About AES Drive

An easy-to-use utility that keeps files securely encrypted on disk.

AES Drive provides a simple way to secure files by always keeping them encrypted on disk, while still allowing access to the decrypted versions through a mounted virtual drive. When the drive is mounted files are encrypted and decrypted transparently, allowing you to work with your files as if they were not encrypted. The full range of standard file operations are supported including create, read, update, and delete. No plaintext data ever touches the disk, all file data is stored encrypted and is only accessible while the drive is mounted.

AES Drive Features

  • Strong XTS-AES 256 encryption maintains file security at all times.
  • Use your favorite file manager, such as Windows Explorer.
  • Portable file format allows off-site backups and migration between systems.
  • Quickly mount and dismount drives to access and protect encrypted content at any time.
  • Optional session timeout to automatically protect drives.
  • Publicly documented file format based on standard algorithms avoids vendor lock-in.


  • Perpetual License with one year of free updates and upgrades. Standard Support.
  • Connect Multiple Drives
  • Run as a Windows Service
  • Advanced Features


  • Perpetual License with one year of free updates and upgrades. Priority Support.
  • Server Operating Systems
  • Isolated Drives
  • All Features